Our Action Plan identifies projects that will contribute to reducing the neighbourhood’s carbon footprint

  • A demonstration programme of energy saving and renewable energy measures in Balsall Heath’s homes and community buildings.  We publicise the pioneers of solar energy such as the Zero Carbon House We are assisting 5 community buildings to reduce their energy use.
  • Building up residents’s skills by classes and workshops in gardening, DIY energy saving, cycle maintenance, etc
    Second hand goods shop to give unwanted items a second life

    • Encourage schools best environmental practice, reducing schools’ CO2 emissions from energy and water use, transport, procurement of goods and services.
    • An Environmental presence at the annual Balsall Heath Carnival  a showcase of local good practice,  to raise awareness
    • An awareness raising campaign targeted at different age groups, that will build people’s confidence to take action, using stalls at events, articles in the community magazine Neighbourhood News online
    • Produce and sell re-usable  shopping bags, from a sustainable material (jute), with our logo, so reducing CO2 emissions by replacing plastic bags and encouraging people to shop locally, instead of driving to other parts of the city
    • Waste wood recycling project
    • Training of unemployed people to install solar water and solar electric panels – already completed at Jericho Foundation. 
    • Promoting alternatives to car use such as the Car Club Co-Wheels
    • Solar energy on community buildings. This has been progressed through our support to Community Energy Birmingham
    • Composters for  garden waste,
      Water butts to store rain at community sites and prevent flooding, allowing for plants to be watered
    • Supporting the proposal to install a combined heat and power/district heating system to include Moseley Rd Baths Moseley Rd  (a feasibility study has been completed for this).
    • Balsall Heath Railway station re-open to passenger services between city centre and station and Kings Norton.
    • Promotion of cycling as a form of local low carbon transport
    • Tree Planting to provide shade and fix carbon from the air.

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