Wheelie Bins – the video

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A lovely video has been made by young people, to explain to everyone the new wheelie bin recycling and rubbish system that will come to Balslall Heath this autumn. IIt can be seen here


From bags to bins

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Farm CompostHouseholders are now being leafleted by the City Council about how wheeled bins will roll out across Sparkbrook ward and adjoing wards in Autumn 2014. The black bin for your general rubbish will be medium-sized, holding 180 ltres, but big families will be able to request a larger bin. The recycling bin will be larger at 240 litrs, and experience in Ladywood has been that amounts separated for recycling went up a lot, less going to rubbish. The recycling bin will have a tray on the top for waste paper and the team will take extra, if it is in a cardboard box. Free garden waste collection has ended, so the options are to pay £35 a year for a bin collected fortnightly, or take to the council tip, or best of all to compost it yourself and reuse it in the garden, with low cost compost bins and water butts available here

Top 5 Recycling Tips

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In this new video on Youtube I explain ways to help people to compost and recycle their household waste

Swap Shop in Balsall Heath

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Swap ShopThe Swap Shop is where you take unwanted items and take home something different that you like – it mainly works for clothing. No money changes hands. If everything gets used twice then we only need to make half as much stuff – how environementally friendly is that?
The venue is the ORT cafe in the old Print Works on Moseley Road, opposite the swimming baths.
Swap Shop happens Saturdays 1-5pm in ORT cafe. Dates are 25 January, 22 February and 22 March. Some excellent food and cakes at the cafe. More details at the website www.ortcafe.co.uk

One bag of rubbish in 2012

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I have promised to fill just one black bag with rubbish this year. By composting everything I can at home and recycling everything I can, I have just half a bag of squashed plastic wrappings half way through the year. These are being rammed into plastic bottles to make hard ‘bricks’.

 The press have picked up on this, and even got the point  that we might organise every neighbourhood in this city of a million people to do it.   What would that look like ?  Ideas please  to John Newson bhiop[at]jericho.org.uk

More details in Birmingham Mail

Energy Plan for our Neighbourhood

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The Energy Plan for Balsall Heath has been written. The main points are; firstly to make buildings more energy efficient. The second point is to get on with generating our own electricity from locally available sources. The third point is not using the private car so much.
Energy could also be saved by growing food, storing water and recycling wastes at neighbourhood scale.

The full version is 50 + pages, but a summary is available here.
For the full version ask me John Newson BHIOP[at]jericho.org.uk

Second Time Around

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A new shop has opened on Edward Road that accepts gifts of unwanted clothes, household goods and furniture. Instead of throwing things ‘away’ (which means the Council’s incinerator), just take them to 204 Edward Rd and other residents can buy them. Value stays in the area and we all help each other.

Proceeds go to the Jericho Foundation, a local charity that helps people off unemployment and back to work. They get work experience helping in the shop and later move onto other retail jobs.

The shop looks really fresh and new. Well done Jericho!

Fare Share of Food

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I am delighted to see the vans of the FareShare Community Food Network coming out of their base on Clifton Road, Balsall Heath.

Wasted food is wasted resources. Food waste encourages the rat population. It rots in landfill sites, producing the greenhouse gas methane. Burning it produces carbon dioxide, another greenhouse gas.

At the same time, many people cannot afford adequate food, even in Britain. FareShare collects food that is perfectly edible from companies who cannot sell it and passes to organisations working with disadvantaged people who need it. They also train and employ local people. We all win!
See the FareShare website or phone 0121 446 6066

Second Life

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If we re-use things, instead of buying new, we save money, but also save the energy, water, transport and material required to make new things. In Balsall Heath there are some exciting initiatives to give everything a ‘second life’.

Great Green Clothes Swap
People bring clothes they don’t wear any more to and swap them. No buying and selling; you just swap what you don’t want for what you do want. Separate adult and children’s clothes events are being organised at the Balsall Heath Church Centre, Edward Road .

Charity Shop
Balsall Heath’s only charity shop is to be opened soon by Jericho Foundation on Edward Road. They already have a stock of clothes, books, games, household goods donated. The shop will be used to train unemployed people in retailing skills (0121 440 7919).

Cycle workshop
This will be based at Jericho Foundation, using donated cycle tools to repair old bicycles and sell them at reasonable prices, to get people cycling. Again, this will be a training scheme for unemployed people (0121 440 7919).

Plant recycling
Residents are donating spare plants from their gardens to the Community Garden Centre on St Paul’s Road, which are sold on to others to plant out and enjoy (0121 446 6183 email: admin(at)balsallheathforum.org.uk)

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