Balsall Heath Is Our Planet

Balsall Heath Is Our Planet is a community initiative that aims to reduce the environmental impact of our inner city neighbourhood .

Development Officer – John Newson. Based at Jericho Foundation. Working hours: 9.30 – 5.30 Mon – Fri. Postal address; BHIOP C/o Jericho Building, 196-197 Edward Rd, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 9LX Tel; 0121 0121 647 1960 email; BHIOP[at]jericho.org.uk

BHIOP is a Company limited by guarantee (no. 6987218) and a registered charity (no. 1137720).

To empower people and organisations in Balsall Heath to benefit from opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of their activities
Values of BHIOP
• Independence – provide reliable, unbiased advice
• Empowering – building people’s confidence and knowledge in practical ways to get control of their situation
• Equality – working with and for all sections of the community
• Sustainability
– making our activities more and more environmentally and financially sustainable
Objectives for Balsall Heath
1. Think global, act local – spread understanding of the limitations of the natural environment, and of relevant ways to reshape our neighbourhood, to adults and young people including schools and colleges.
2. Reduce the emission of carbon dioxide from our burning of fossil fuels, as a contribution to a low carbon Birmingham, Britain and world.
3. Identify opportunities and embody them in an action plan for an ‘eco-neighbourhood’
4. Efficiency in the use of resources – develop ways to reduce waste and use local resources within the neighbourhood
5. Help those who suffer from cold, hard-to-heat homes and fuel poverty to gain control and become comfortable at an affordable cost
6. Demonstrate the use of renewable energy sources in the area, e.g. solar power.
7. Assist community organisations to make their buildings and operations more energy efficient
8. Combat flooding and drought, e.g. by storing water
9. Help to keep the neighbourhood cool in hot weather by shading
10. Encourage low impact means of transport; walking, cycling, public transport and responsible car use
11. Reduce the problem of waste by re-use, composting or recycling, and by using wastes to make fuel/ generate energy.
12. Grow more food in gardens



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  1. I will be pleased to receive any feedback or comments, or offers of help.
    John Newson – Development Officer 0121 440 7919 BHIOP[at]jericho.org.uk

  2. visited the zero carbon house on Sunday and was very interested and impressed by what i saw and heard. am telling everyone about it and hope to bring a group sometime, perhaps to your next open day. as a household we do our bit for the environmentbut sometimes it seems that we are on our own. however on Sunday i could see that that is not true, there is a great deal going on. also that there are many young people and families who are very interested and doing there bit. it is very inspiring,
    best wishes,
    shirley guy

  3. Hi John
    Enjoying your blog. Have you thought about adding it to the Openly Local list of hyperlocal sites at http://openlylocal.com/hyperlocal_sites/new ?

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