Save on winter heating

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The best way to save on heating is to only heat the space you need, as much as you need and when you need it. So that means insulation to slow heat loss from your home and getting control over your heating system. I have updated the Energy Advice page of this website with some useful links Go to page


Using fallen leaves

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Following on from the recent composting demonstration at Digbeth Community Garden, I was asked to help Balsall Heath Church Centre to do something useful with their many bags of fallen leaves that they were unable to transport to the council tip. We agreed that leaves are mostly air and water and are best broken down on site. A composting system is being planned that should be able to deal with all the garden waste they have in future.
Now that Birmingham City Council no longer collects garden waste free I have read that 11,000 tonnes less is being given to them, so gardeners do seem to be remembering how to compost waste themselves. It is cheaper to buy a compost bin than to pay the council to collect for a year and compost bins for £20 area available from GetComposting
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