Solar Roof at Ackers Adventure

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ackers Adventure offers inner city young people adventurous outdoor activities. The organisation also wants to control its electricity bills and to demonstrate renewable energy. Recently, an official launch was held for the new solar roof there, which is feeding clean energy into the building. This was done through a partnership with CORE50 (community renewable energy 50); a co-op that allows local people to invest in renewable energy, for the benefit of the community. For this project, a grant was obtained from E.ON’s sustainable energy fund.

Well done everyone !!! Link to CORE50 website


Solar Roof at MAC

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The MAC – Midlands Arts Centre in Camnon Hill Park have told me that they have installed solar panels on the main roof , so some of the electricity used in the building is from the Sun.  MAC has a Green Working Group to look at how they can continually improve their environmental performance.  Early next year, MAC hopes to display some of information about this in the public area and on the website, so people can see what they currently do and also make suggestions.

20mph on residential streets

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Congratulations to Birmingham City Council; the councillors have unanimously backed a phased programme of introducing 20mph zones on residential roads, with consultation to ensure they meet the needs of local communities. This is normal for  many cities in Europe.

Balsall Heath residents have long pointed to speeding cars as a danger on side streets, where responsible drivers already stick to 20mph. The effect on journey times of cars over short distances will be insignifcant, but the impact on a pedestrian or a cyclist will be much reduced at lower speeds. There will now be public consultation, so residents of our neighbourhood and others, who will have the chance to put people’s safety first. Then the streets will have to be gradually redesigned back to being for safe driving, which shares the road with pedestrians and cyclists. Drivers will also save on fuel if they drive at a slow steady pace, with less use of the accelerator and brakes. Everyone can expect to gain.

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