Swim Baths re-open – but at what cost?

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Hurrah for Moseley Road Swimming Baths , open for swimmers again in the heart of Balsall Heath.




It looks beautiful, but what a lot of hot water!  The site is a red blob on the new on line  national  Heat Map and the gas bill is really frightening. What can be done? The City Council has  prepared a Heritage Lottery application  to include replacing the boiler with a combined heat and power plant. This would make electricity and also waste heat – two fuels for the price of one.

Maybe we could reopen the water supply in the original borehole that goes down 750 feet into the rocks below and save on the water bill as well.

More details about these suggestions are at Friends of Moseley Road Baths website

The national Heat Map online tool


MP impressed by Balsall Heath’s solar lead

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MP Roger Godsiff saw what Balsall Heath Church Centre has done with its solar roof, on a recent visit organised by Friends of the Earth. He was visibly impressed and undertook to help to make the case for  support for community renewable energy schemes.

The vicar Rev Catherine Grylls made the point that community services such as those that the church centre provides really need the income which renewable energy can bring. The roof is one year old and has produced what was predicted by the suppliers, halving the external electricity demand of the building. Most of the time the solar generation feeds power to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Nice picture of the event on the website at Birmingham Friends of the Earth

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