Free Energy Advice

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Residents of Balsall Heath can get free energy advice sessions with the Home Energy Advice service in Moseley. Their trained adviser will lead you through ways to make your home more energy efficient; control your central heating, block up draughts, add to your insulation and cut heat loses. Everyone can do something to save energy at home and control their bills. Details at Moseley CDT


Community Buildings

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Some buildings owned by community buildings in Balsall Heath will be getting help to make their buildings more energy efficient. John Newson for Balsall Heath Is our Planet will be advising them, paid for with a grant from the Grassorots Grants programme of Birmingham Foundation.

The cold weather makes our community organisations very aware that they are struggling with buildings that leak too much heat and suffer from draughts. This means money is being wasted which is badly needed to sustain the services they offer to local residents.

The programme will continue to the end of March and five buildings will have energy saving plans in place by then. contact John Newson at BHIOP[at] or 0121 440 7919

Free sunshine for all

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Balsall Heath could be on the way to an extra hour of daylight every evening. The Daylight Saving Bill passed its crucial second reading in the House of Commons on 3 December. The motion for a review of the evidence and a trial period was passed with a majority of 82 votes. This is a huge step towards having more natural light and lower electricity bills for everyone. more details

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