Light Evenings, please

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For hundreds of years, we used to get up with the sun and go to bed when it got dark. Electric light then encouraged us to stay up much later in the evening. There is a national campaign in the UK to move all the clocks forward one hour throughout the year. This would put our activities back into line with the sun, adding an hour of daylight to the evening. We did this in both World Wars and again in the 1970s, to save coal.

Studies show that we would all save on our electricity bills, by putting the lights on one hour later. Solar power would be more useful. People could get home from work before dark, for more evenings . They would feel safer in the light evenings to walk, cycle, take exercise and use public transport. Fewer children would die in street accidents. We wouldn’t miss the hour taken from early morning, when most people are asleep. There would be no real cost to most of us.

The national 10:10 campaign has led on the issue , as it would be an easy way for us all to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we produce from burning fuel.

A Bill is to come before Parliament in the autumn calling for a review of the benefits and a trial period. To see more information, you can visit the website Lighter Later.


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