Home Energy Advice Service

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The new Home Energy Advice Service has started at last. We are looking for people in Balsall Heath, Moseley, Northfield or Washwood Heath who want help in cutting their gas, electricity and petrol consumption. These fuels are getting more expensive, so no-one can afford to waste them.

We meet with you and go through your use of energy in detail, to see where you can save and if you are entitled to any grants. We can suggets where to get equipemnt, or how to find a reliable company to help you. Summer can be a
In Moseley contact Gareth energyadvice[at]moseleycdt.org 0121 449 8585
In Balsall Heath contact John Newson 0121 449 3977
Energy Advice website here


Ideas to cut waste

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Staff at St Paul’s Community Development Trust in Balsall Heath worked hard at their recent staff conference (on 18th June), to explore ideas for cutting waste in the organsaition and helping to build an ‘eco-neighhbourhood’. Since the Trust is the largest employer with 120 staff and many services for local people, it can have a large impact.

The workshop was run by me, John Newson of Balsall Heath is our Planet. It has resulted in a report full of good ideas from the staff to be considered by the Trusts’s management. There seems to be a wealth of creativity and enthusism among the people who work in Balsall Heath.

St Paul’s Trust website is here

10% carbon reduction in 2010

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Jericho Foundation in Balsall Heath has made a committment to reduce its carbon emissions from burning gas, oil and electricity by 10% in 2010 – and has succeeded! The social enterprise helps young people into work, but wanted to help the area environmentally, also. They were asked by Balsall Heath is our Planet to take up the 10:10 challenge; they calculated the existing carbon footprint and moved to ‘cut the carbon’.

Funding allowed Jericho to replace its expensive electric heating with a new, efficient gas fired boiler and radiators. Electricity is mostly made from coal and much is lost on the way from the power station. Gas has only half the carbon content of coal.

Other organsiations can sign up for the 10:10 challenge, as can individuals, at 10:10

Jercicho Foundation’s work is explained on their website

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