Community Workshop on Solar Electricity

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Any building can be a power station! The roof of my terraced house in Balsall Heath has been generating clean electricity from seven solar panels since 5th May. They are feeding more power into the local electricty grid than the house is using; so it is a power station, in a small way.

A Community Workshop on Solar Electricity will be held there on Saturday 12th June (10am repeated at 2pm).

We will cover how such systems work, how to get one installed at home, and the benefits and costs of doing this, including the new government ‘feed in tariff’ payments.

To book a place please phone 440 7919, or email bhiop[at] There is a free information sheet on ‘Using Solar Power at Home’ on request.


Fare Share of Food

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I am delighted to see the vans of the FareShare Community Food Network coming out of their base on Clifton Road, Balsall Heath.

Wasted food is wasted resources. Food waste encourages the rat population. It rots in landfill sites, producing the greenhouse gas methane. Burning it produces carbon dioxide, another greenhouse gas.

At the same time, many people cannot afford adequate food, even in Britain. FareShare collects food that is perfectly edible from companies who cannot sell it and passes to organisations working with disadvantaged people who need it. They also train and employ local people. We all win!
See the FareShare website or phone 0121 446 6066

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