Save 10% in 2010

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Combating climate change seems to be a huge task. Maybe only governments can do it, but maybe they won’t believe the public really want this.

That’s where the 10:10 idea comes in. Thousands of people and organisations are promising to cut their emissions by 10% in 2010. By the end of 2010 you will reduce your purchase of coal, gas and oil by a tenth. Simple energy saving measures can allow anyone to do this, but it would have a huge effect if we all did it. We would begin in one year the process of reducing the greenhouse gases we put into the atmosphere. The 10:10 website allows you to sign up and also gives useful tips about how to plan your slimmed-down energy lifestyle Link to 10:10 website

I would be happy to hear from anyone in Balsall Heath who is ‘taking the pledge’ or wants me to talk them into it!  John Newson BHIOP[at]

Congratulations to Birmingham City Council for signing up to reduce its energy and carbon use in 2010 by 10%.


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