Re-run of ballot for Neighbourhood Council

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Voters in Balsall Heath will again be asked if they want a Neighbourhood Council to be set up. The number of votes cast at the end of 2022 did not meet the required threshold. Everyone will be asked to post their votes in a reply envelope, which they should receive around the start of June. If it goes forward, there will be elections for the Members, who will make a plan and justify a small charge on those who pay council tax to sustain activity into the future. It can apply for other funding, pay staff, hold meetings, be consulted and push for a better neighbourhood for everyone and a cleaner, greener Balsall Heath.

More details on City Council website


Orchard of Balsall Heath

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Fruit and nut trees have been planted across Balsall Heath and local residents are learning to look after them, as part of activity by Stirchley-based Fruit and Nut Village. They are working with the Friends of Seven Streets Park to transform neglected open space between Clifton and Runcorn Road.

Following a walk with Balsall Heath Is Our Planet, they decided to extend their planting along the River Rea into our neighbourhood. Recently, many fruit trees have been planted in Calthorpe Park and on the other side of the Rea (Clevedon Road). The group has been working with Percy Shurmer School and the Central Mosque.

People are invited to a work session on Friday 28th April starts 10.00 ends 1pm, meeting outside Percy Shurmer School. Please wear shoes and clothing for work and potentially rain.

More about fruitandnutvillage is on facebook or twitter

Result of ballot for a Neighbourhood Council

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The results of the Consultative Ballot have been published on the City Council’s website . 78% of votes cast were ‘Yes’ – in favour of a Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Council being established.

However the turnout of 22% of eligible voters was not the 25% minimum set by the City Council. The Cabinet met in January 2023 and approved the officers’ recommendation to continue with more engagement and to run another ballot in 2023. Everyone will be asked to vote again. This should be a chance to inform more people about the benefits of having a new structure to say no to unwelcome changes, yes to things we want and need, and to increase cooperation and communication, with some resources ring-fenced for the neighbourhood. It would be additional and different from what the City Council does and not a duplication or a cheap substitute for City Council provision. MORE here:

Support the Farm

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Criminals have been breaking into Balsall Heath City Farm to steal the animals. This is upsetting for the staff and volunteers who look after them, at this much loved family learning facility (open daily). Donations are being collected through crowd funding to make the site secure, so together we can stop the abuse. MAKE A DONATION

Vote for a Neighbourhood Council

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Good news. Many residents of Balsall Heath have voted Yes to setting up our own Neighbourhood Council to improve the area. All the money raised will be spent here. But it will take every vote, to get over the threshold. Due to postal delays, residents are asked to send the green voting paper as soon as they can, to be sure your vote is counted before 15 December.

Anyone who has lost the ballot paper can be sent another by emailing Name, Address Postcode, subject BH Neighbourhood Council Vote

Energy saving grants for Balsall Heath

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Homeowners and tenants living in Balsall Heath can apply to have work done on their homes that could significantly reduce their energy bills. Funding has been attracted by Retrofit Balsall Heath for up to 700 homes. Deadline for return of applications is Wednesday 23 November . Delays and even disappointments are possible with a free scheme, but “if you don’t ask, you dont get”.

There’s no household income cap, or requirement to be on benefits, but the scheme is for older homes with poor energy rating (D,E,F,G EPCs).  The scheme is completely free for eligible owner-occupiers. Private landlords need to pay a one-third contribution. A 3-page form needs to be filled in by the resident to apply and agree for a surveyor to visit.  These can be got from BH Library, Baths, BH Children’s Centre, Jericho Foundation. Completed forms – please email form to RetrofitBalsallHeath[at] or drop in at MECC, 93 Court Road, B12 9LQ MECC 0121 440 3500 9am-4pm

Vote for a Neighbourhood Council

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Voters in Balsall Heath are receiving postal ballot papers from the city Elections Office, this month, November. If enough people vote Yes, the new council will be set up and the councilors recruited. They will then draw up a plan and a budget and set the “precept” (a small charge) to pay running costs. There is a new webpage that tells people more about the case for setting up this new structure, separate from Birmingham City Council, (but working with it of course) to power up our ability to solve problems, find opportunities and get communication and coordination working in our complex and multicultural neighbourhood. Advance Website

Our Garden of Balsall Heath

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With the 2022 Commonwealth Games came an arts project called Our Garden and this has produced some great videos about people appreciating green spaces and trees in our neighbourhood. With the heat wave people have really appropriated the shade of all the trees planted over the last 40 years in the greening of Balsall Heath.

Watch the videos

Action at the Pocket Park

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A team assembled to replace planter at Balsall Heath Pocket Park. We learned that a vehicle had smashed into it and driven off, but we were able to put in a new and more robust one. Passers by said they really appreciate this space for walking, cycling and sitting down in the busy centre of our neighbourhood.

Thanks go to Hywel and the Countrymen group from BH City Farm, as in the pictures.

A Council of Balsall Heath – more time to have your say

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Sunday 15th May is the extended deadline, for people to say if they favour an elected body, with the powers of a parish council. The City Council’s survey is quite brief and is at BeHeard.

If you can introduce this as a discussion for a group that you know, then, please contact me for help with that. John Newson bhiop[at]

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